Townhomes offer an amazing opportunity for renters to experience life in a home even if they aren’t yet ready to buy. You may be thinking that, to enjoy all that townhomes have to offer, you’d have to buy a property, but that is not the case! There are many townhomes for rent in even the most popular cities like Kansas City, Des Moines, and Omaha. Townhomes are especially a great option if you are living in the Kansas City area. The Bennington Park Townhomes in Kansas City feature some of the latest amenities you can find.

When you’re looking for a place to call home, there are so many options. From apartments and condos to houses to townhomes, it is hard to know the best choice. Recently, townhomes have become even trendier due to their convenience and versatility. Keep reading to learn about all the advantages of townhome living and how Elevate Living can help you find your next place!

Lower Your Cost of Living

If you’re looking for the experience of living in a house but aren’t ready to cover the costs, a townhome is a perfect choice. Renting a townhome means you won’t have to be responsible for your home’s bottom line, but you can still enjoy all that a house has to offer. When you rent a townhouse, you don’t have to worry about a mortgage, but can instead enjoy carefree living.

The Bennington Park Townhomes in Kansas City start at only $1,160 for a two-bedroom floor plan. This is an exceptional price for a rented townhome and includes a full suite of appliances; such as a washer, dryer, ceiling fan, walk-in closet, and fireplace.

Enjoy the Convenience of a House Without the Cost

Renting a townhouse means you are always nearby a helpful team of staff ready to help you with your every need. When you rent a townhome, you aren’t even responsible for paying for maintenance, as it’s all included in your rent.

And outside of maintenance, there’s the perk of space. Townhomes are typically larger than the average apartment and comparable to most starter homes, meaning that there’s plenty of space to put all your favorite things. Whether it’s just you, or your entire family, you’ll all fit comfortably in a townhome.

Experience the Amenities That Come with Townhouse Living

One of the best things about townhome living is enjoying the amenities of your townhome community. Most townhome communities include such essential extras as a fitness center, swimming pool, or tennis courts. They can also include such necessities as laundry facilities and extra parking spaces for visitors or a second vehicle.

Easy Outdoor Maintenance

When you choose to live in a townhome, most of your outdoor needs will be taken care of for you by your property’s management company. No more shoveling snow or raking leaves, living in a townhome removes this burden from your shoulders. And most townhomes offer garages, so you won’t even have to brush the snow off your car in the winter!

But don’t think that you won’t be able to personalize your outdoor living area; because you’ll definitely be able to! From outdoor patio space to backyard balconies, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your green thumb while enjoying the perks of townhome living.

Stay Near the City

Perhaps the best thing about townhome living is getting to live in a home while still being close to a nearby city. Townhomes are close enough to all of your favorite stores and restaurants that it’s easy for you to go out. At the same time, they are far enough away that you can enjoy some peace, quiet, and an escape from city life. You won’t be able to find a home this close to the city without paying loads for it.

You can grab a morning cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop or pick up a pair of shoes at the nearby store without having to venture too far from your home. If you love being in the city but need more space, a townhome is the perfect option.

Are You Ready for a Townhouse?

Townhomes offer you the best of both worlds. Not only can you enjoy the secluded quiet of living in a house but you also get to experience the benefits of living in a community. On top of all that you can save some money and live even closer to your favorite stores, restaurants, and theaters. Before signing your next lease, consider making a move to a townhome. If you’d like to learn more about townhouse living, or would like to see how Elevate Living can elevate your townhome search, give us a call today.