Trends can come and go pretty quickly. Especially in the world of fashion and interior design. When it comes to apartment design trends, what is hot and in fashion one year can be old and stale the next.

Now that we’ve turned our calendars to 2018, there is a host of new and hot design trends that are making appearances in apartments throughout the country. This post will showcase some of the design trends that we’ve been noticing the most to provide you with some apartment design ideas.

1. More Colors

Most apartments will stick with a uniformed design approach in terms of color scheme. But an emerging trend that looks to continue throughout 2018 are multi-colored scheme. Contrasting colors for the drapes and furniture pillows, bright bathroom towels, rugs, and shower curtains.

If you’re looking to spice up the design of your apartment with some bold colors, start small. Start with a bathroom redesign project or maybe a bedroom. Once you’ve completed a smaller project and lived with it for a while, you’ll be able to tackle larger projects with a greater understanding of the types of colors you enjoy.

One color that is showing up a lot is yellow. Over the past few years turquoise has been a noticeable trend, but yellow is a color to keep an eye on in 2018.

2. Antiques

Trends can be red hot, only to disappear from relevance for decades. But, trends usually cycle back into popularity over time. Just look at the boom in vinyl records in recent years. Antique dressers and tables are following the same cycle.

All sorts of smaller antique pieces are being used to accent larger pieces of furniture. The modern and clean side tables, coffee tables, night stands, dressers, and bathroom vanities that used to come from IKEA and furniture stores are now being found in antique shops, garage sales, and in long forgotten storage sheds.

In the market for a small table or cabinet? Do some antique shopping and see if you can find the perfect piece before checking out the inventory of modern pieces available in stores. In many cases, an older antique piece is going to save you a ton a money when compared to one that is brand new.

3. DIY With Wood

DIY design projects have always been popular. A do-it-yourself project is a fun way to spend time and also will save you a great deal of money. In 2018, DIY projects that utilize wood’s tremendous versatility are a noticeable trend that has some staying power.

Kitchen tables, bookshelves, horizontal wall shelving, and bed baseboards are a few ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. One of the many advantages of the internet is there is no shortage of step-by-step videos online that will guide you through your DIY project from start to finish. Just grab some wood and get started!

4. 70s Nostalgia

We touched on trends reemerging a bit in the antique section, but 70s nostalgia is another trend that is back from the dead in interior design. All sorts of 70s staples have been re emerging as design trends in 2018.

Low-sitting furniture, plush shag carpets, earth tone color schemes, luscious plants, and all the purple a room can handle. While we haven’t seen too many disco balls being hung up to replace overhead lights, there’s no denying that 70s nostalgia is making a comeback.

5. Showcase Your Personality

When you’re looking for inspiration to give your apartment a makeover, always trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to let your design choices showcase your personality. If you’re an outdoor-oriented person, look for antique snow skis to hang on the wall or some worn and rustic-looking frames to hang some of your favorite pictures. If you’re a movie lover, throw up some movie posters of your favorite flicks.

While keeping an eye on the trends of the day is a great strategy for keeping your apartment design fresh and stylish, never forget to make the design choices that make you happy. After all, you’re the one who is going to be living in the apartment.

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