There’s a lot to love about Thanksgiving. First off, there’s the food. The flavor-rich turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, mac n cheese, stuffing, cornbread muffins, creamed corn, cranberry sauce, and the assortment of pies. Yum! After all that glorious food, there’s spending time with friends and family, enjoying a few days off from work, watching the Thanksgiving classics like the Macy’s Parade, football, and the quote-filled Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

All of the wonderful elements of Thanksgiving can arrive with some accompanying stress, however. Especially if you’re tasked with hosting in your apartment. To help mitigate your holiday-related stress, we put together this list of six tips for hosting Thanksgiving in your apartment.

1. Get an Accurate Headcount

No matter what you’re hosting or where you’re hosting it, having an accurate headcount goes a long way in improving the preparation process. It’s especially helpful to have a headcount for Thanksgiving, as space is already going to be a challenge. Start a group text-message chain or an email chain a few weeks ahead of Thanksgiving to get an idea of how many people will be cramming into your apartment. Make sure you specify whether or not your guests can invite other people. The last thing you want the day of Thanksgiving is to have your table set for 8, and have 11 people show up.

A bonus tip would be to plan for one person showing up that you don’t expect. An extra plate can quickly be put away, and it’s never difficult to send one of your guests home with leftover food.

2. Find a Folding Table

One of the most difficult challenges of hosting Thanksgiving in your apartment is going to be getting everyone seated comfortably at the dinner table. More than likely, the kitchen table currently in your apartment isn’t going to be able to fit all of your guests. Enter the folding table.

With a tasteful tablecloth and a few chairs, a simple folding table can quickly transform into an extension of your dinner table and accommodate all of your guests. Better yet, a folding table is easy to store, which is excellent in an apartment where storage is limited.

3. Delegate Tasks and Ask For Help Setting Up

Many hosts will stress themselves out by not asking for help during the setting-up process. There’s a lot to do when it comes to setting up your apartment to host Thanksgiving, so make sure you’re not taking on all of that alone. Ask a couple family members or friends to arrive early and help out. You’ll especially need the extra help if you’re doing a majority of the cooking. By delegating out the tasks such as setting the table, you’ll be able to focus on cooking.

4. Consider a Potluck Style Dinner

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of time, attention, and patience. Between the turkey, the sides, and the pies, cooking everything may stretch your bandwidth to its limit. One solution is to host a potluck-style dinner where all of your guests are responsible for a particular item. By having a potluck-style dinner, you can spread the cooking responsibilities and greatly decrease your hosting workload. The less you have to do, the less stress you’ll have to endure and the more you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday.

5. Borrow, Don’t Buy

By hosting Thanksgiving, you’re undertaking a lot of responsibility. Don’t add the financial implications of going out and purchasing a bunch of stuff on top of that. Instead of buying additional tables, chairs, plates, forks, spoons, wine glasses, and baking instruments, ask your friends and family that are coming, or even ones that aren’t, if you can borrow some of their things. Unless you plan on hosting quite a bit in the future, chances are most of the stuff you use to host Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment won’t get much use after the event.

6. Alert Your Neighbors and Landlord

Hosting your friends and family to enjoy Thanksgiving with you in your apartment will be a wonderful and memorable time. It will also cause a quite a bit more noise than your neighbors and landlord are used to. It’s a good idea to give your neighbors and landlord a heads up that you’ll be hosting. So long as your Thanksgiving doesn’t turn into a raging all-night party, your neighbors and landlord will be understanding and will be happy that you gave them notice.

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