Finding an apartment can be a burdensome chore for residents. It takes a lot of time searching, and sometimes a bit of luck, to find the perfect apartment -- an apartment that has a floor plan and set of amenities that pair up perfectly with your specific wants and needs.

If you have a pet dog or cat, searching for a new apartment can be even more taxing as you have to find an apartment that not only fits your wants and needs, but theirs as well. Additionally, some apartment complexes and property managers won’t rent you an apartment if you have a pet, which dwindles down the apartment pool for you to choose from.

What are pet-owning apartment hunters to do?

Run an Advanced Apartment Search

If you have a dog or cat you’re going to want to conduct your search using advanced search filters. Advanced search filters will allow you to eliminate apartment listings that don’t allow your furry little friend to live with you.

Without filtering out “pet-unfriendly” apartments, you run the risk of placing yourself in an inefficient and time-wasting situation. Hypothetically, let’s say you didn’t use the filters while conducting your apartment search and schedule three apartment tours. You enjoy each of the apartments, but the third one is perfect. It has a pool large enough for you to swim laps before work, and an indoor parking garage so you’ll never have to scrape snow off your car in the mornings. But you find out towards the end of your tour that the complex won’t allow Scout to live in their building.

Going forward in your search, you’re going to be comparing other apartments to this apartment that you loved. A situation like this will compromise your ability to compare apartments, as that apartment was never truly available to you and your dog.

By filtering out apartments that are not pet friendly from the onset, you prevent situations like this from occurring, and instead only compare apartments that you and your pet can live in.

Apartment Tips for Dog Owners

By filtering your search, you’ll find a handful of apartments that you and your dog can live in. While the perfect apartment with an onsite dog park and closeby walking path might be out there for you and your dog, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. If you do, here are some tips for making your new apartment more enjoyable for your dog:

Communicate With Your Property Manager

Many pet-friendly apartment complexes will require an additional fee or deposit if you have a dog living with you. While that may tempt you to sneak your dog into your apartment, avoid the temptation. It’s not realistic to try and sneak a dog into a no-pet apartment. Eventually, the landlord or a neighbor will discover your pup and then you’ll be in a real bind as you’ll likely be forced to move or give up your beloved dog.

You want to inform your property manager that you will be living with a dog, and about the specific breed and size of your dog.

Schedule Regular Exercise

Regardless of the size of the floorplan in your apartment, your dog is going to have to get used to living within the confined space. One way to condition your dog to grow comfortable in your new apartment is to schedule regular exercise so they can begin to develop a routine. Try and take them for a walk at the same time, such as either before or after work.

Apartment Tips for Cat Owners

Cats are usually a little easier to live in apartments with then dogs, as their smaller stature makes living in a smaller confined space is easier on your cat than a larger dog. Still, if you’re coming from a house, or introducing a cat to a new apartment, there are some things you’ll want to think about before hand. Some tips for moving into a new apartment with a cat include:

Get a Cat Tree

Most cats enjoy hanging out on high-up places. Especially if those high-up places catch a glimpse of the outdoors. Whether your kitty was ever an outdoor cat or not, they’ll probably enjoy looking out the window. With a cat tree, you’re providing your apartment-dwelling cat with means to get out some exercise by climbing the tree, and with cozy place to hang out and enjoy the view. Having the tree gives your cat entertainment when you’re away from the apartment, which would prevent them from meowing and annoying your neighbors.

Get Some Cat-Safe Plants

Help your cat embrace their jungle instincts with some cat-safe plants. Cats love to lick and smell the leaves of plants, which will keep them entertained and happy as they adjust to living in your new apartment. Not all plants are ideal for your cat, however. Some plants are poisonous and can cause serious illness or indigestion in cats, so be sure to look up which plants are petsafe. Among the plants to avoid are lillies.

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