Moving can be a roller coaster of emotions. Whether you’re moving because of school or for a new job, there is a blend of excitement and anxiety throughout the experience. Adding to the emotional toll is finding an apartment in a city that you know very little about.

Finding an apartment is a time-consuming task when you know the area you’re moving too. But when you’re searching for a place remotely, the challenge is even more difficult.

About to conduct a remote apartment search? Here’s a guide to doing so.

Research Neighborhoods

It will probably be overwhelming for you to try and conduct an apartment search if you’re canvassing the entire city you’re moving to. Instead, focus your initial research on specific neighborhoods in the city you’re moving too. Everyone has a different threshold for what is an acceptable commute, so think about a time budget for how long of a commute you’re willing to commit to. Once you have that number, create a circumference on the map in proximity to your work or school location that shows you the potential neighborhoods you could live in.

From there, dig up some research on those neighborhoods. Does the neighborhood provide you with convenient access to the things you like to do? Is there a nearby gym, park, grocery store, selection of restaurants? Is there a convenient metro station if you depend on metro transit to get around? For every resident the neighborhood requirements will be different, but make sure you conduct thorough research when you’re looking into potential neighborhoods.

Check out Google Maps to see images of the neighborhoods you’re researching.

Ask Your New Employer

If you’re moving to a new city because of a job, a great idea for narrowing down your apartment search is to ask your new employer for some apartment recommendations. They’ll have first-hand knowledge of the areas of the city that could potentially be good fits for you. They may  also have specific apartment rental companies that they can refer you to, or refer you to current employees who are looking for a potential roommate. It’s always smart to gather as much knowledge as possible about your new city as you figure out where to live.

Create a List of What You Want

After you’ve done some research on promising neighborhoods and asked your employer for some apartment advice, you’re ready to start compiling a list of potential apartments. When you begin to compare apartment complex A to apartment complex B, it’ll will be very helpful for you to have a list of apartment priorities to help you decide which option is the best for you.

Price and location will play a significant factor in where you eventually choose to live, but when comparing apartments with similar price points and locations, you’ll need a deeper rubric to help make your choice.

Every resident will prioritize their list differently. Some may want an on site 24-hour gym or an outdoor pool, others may want to have quick and easy access to a bike path. Whatever matters most to you in your apartment search, it helps to write it down so you can score each apartment complex to your personal rubric.

Try and Plan a Trip for Tours

In a perfect world, you’ll be able to tour your next apartment before you sign a lease and move in. That doesn’t always work out, especially when your move is a long-distance one. But if you can pull it off, try and visit a couple of apartments in person before making your final decision.

By following the previous steps on this list, you should have narrowed down your apartment search to a few apartments before planning a trip to tour them. When planning your trip, create a tour schedule that allows you plenty of time to visit each space.

The more time you leave for yourself, the more thorough your tour can be. While getting a peek at the unit and the apartment complex’s amenities is important, you also want to spend some time walking/driving around the neighborhood. The feel you get from researching the neighborhood online or on Google Maps may differ from your in-person look.

Partner With an Apartment Management Company

The tips we’ve shared so far will help you make a great choice on selecting your next apartment remotely. However, they all require plenty of time. When you’re moving to a new area, you’re going to be pressed for time. You have to prepare for the new job, say goodbye to your friends and family in the town you’re moving from, pack up your things, and coordinate the move. Searching for a new apartment and all of the research required in doing so is a daunting task for a lot for many people.

A great way to relieve yourself of all the stress and time that goes into finding a new apartment is to partner with an apartment management company like Elevate Living. Apartment management companies are experts in the areas they serve. By partnering with them and informing them of your budget, job location, desired amenities, and floor plan requirements, they can do all of the research for you and bring you a list of great apartment options.

Need some help finding your next apartment? Contact Elevate today to get your apartment search started.