There are a lot of perks about city living, regardless of which city you live in. Endless entertainment, a variety of people and cultures, mouth-watering restaurants, and a healthy market for interesting and promising jobs. But living in the city does have a tradeoff – typically you’re working with a bit less living space.


If you are feeling claustrophobic in your apartment, there’s good news. Elevate Living has a variety of floorplans in your city that provide a more spacious and comfortable apartment experience. Just started a lease? We still got good news for you, as there are a number of easy DIY things you can do to maximize the space in your apartment.


You’re going to notice a theme of storage on this list of tips. The fashion and design of your storage will go a long way for how much available space your apartment is going to possess.


Let’s start with the kitchen.

Kitchen Storage

If your apartment is on the smaller side, chances are so is your kitchen. To maximize your space, it’s essential that your kitchen storage is efficient. If you’re lacking in cabinet space, think vertical.


By hanging your pots and pans from your wall, you’re opening up valuable cabinet and pantry space to store items that need to be covered such as food, spices, and cooking ingredients. There’s a variety of tasteful ways to hang your pots and pans. You can deploy hooks, magnets, or vertical shelving.


To free up counter or drawer space, take a look at a magnetic knife board that you can hang on a wall as well.

Closet Storage

Closets provide apartment dwellers with an excellent opportunity to maximize space. Focus on the vertical space in your closets – you’ll be surprised by the way that small changes can increase the usability of this space. The vertical space that your closets possess provide an array of ways to maximize your apartments functionality.


Typical closets feature a classic rod to hang clothes, and that’s about it. To maximize your storage capabilities, you want to add some storage options that allow you to take advantage of your vertical space. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to do that is by installing wire shelving.


Wire shelves are cheap, durable, and easy to install. In a bedroom closet, wire shelves can store sweaters, shoes, luggage, and bins that hold out-of-season clothing and decorations. In a hall closet, they can create a pantry, store old electronics, or even serve as a bookshelf. When designing your wire shelf closet, think about accessibility. You want to maximize space, but only if it remains easy for you to access and find your stuff when you need it.


Another great feature of wire shelving is that they’re as easy to uninstall as they are to install. So when you eventually move to a new apartment, you can take them with you.

Bathroom Organization

Whether you have a sprawling master bathroom or a more efficiently-sized one, no one wants to live in an apartment with a messy, unorganized bathroom. You need to store a lot of things in your bathroom, from towels and tissues to medical supplies and hygienic products. All this stuff can make your bathroom unorganized and inefficient in a hurry.


To maximize the space in your bathroom, organization is essential. You don’t want to be searching through clutter for neosporin and bandages when you accidently slice yourself chopping up vegetables. And you certainly don’t want to entertain guests if your bathroom looks like a tornado recently passed through.


Create an organized storage solution for your bathroom that fits the space and your needs. Some quick storage-boosting tips for your bathroom include:


  • Hanging towels from wall and door hooks frees up space to store other items.
  • Use shelving to maximize space in your bathroom vanity.
  • Find small shelf to store things lightly used items within and place commonly used things on top.
  • Limit the amount of items you keep on the surface of your counter and sink.

Maximizing Your Living Room

Most of the time you spend in your apartment is done in your living room. Especially when you’re entertaining guests.


Let’s start with seating. You want to place your furniture strategically to maximize the amount space you have and to provide as much seating as possible for the times that you find yourself hosting. Each apartment space is different, but you want to try and frame your furniture against walls so that you’re opening up the most space in the center of your living room. By doing this, you can augment with folding chairs, kitchen chairs, or seating benches from other parts of your apartment to provide seating space for guests.


Another great way to open up your living room is by mounting your television. Televisions take up very little room these days, but the entertainment centers that we place them on can be space hogs. By mounting your television, you’ll have more physical space in your living room.

Find Your Next Apartment With Elevate

The key for maximizing your apartment space is to get creative with how you’re utilizing your available space. By taking advantage of your apartments vertical storage capabilities and keeping you place organized, you’ll get the most comfort out of your living experience.


Ready for a new apartment? Elevate Living is the partner you want to find the best apartment for your unique needs. We have apartment complexes that present residents with the floorplans, locations, and amenities that will make your next apartment the perfect choice.

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