Every winter, apartment dwellers find themselves bracing for the cold and dreading the arrival of their monthly heating bill. While there’s comfort in bumping the thermostat up a few degrees, you’ll end up paying a premium price for that comfort. If only there was a way you could experience a warm and comfortable apartment without a frightening utility bill...good news, there is!

In fact, there are a variety of ways for renters to stay warm in their apartments without having to get a second job to pay off their monthly heating bill. We compiled a list of our favorite tips to help keep you warm and toasty.

Let the Outside Heat In

When it’s cold inside, but the sun is out, make sure you open up your blinds or curtains to let some of the solar heat into your apartment. You’ll be surprised how effective solar heat can be. Keep an eye on the sun though, as after it sets or if clouds obstruct sunlight from hitting your windows, the warm air inside your apartment will escape through the window. When it’s not sunny, keeping your blinds or curtains drawn slows the escape of cold air.

Cover Windows With Insulation Film

Keeping your apartment warm during the winter is a balance of preventing cold air from coming in, and keeping warm air from going out. Window insulation kits help you on both fronts. Found at most hardware stores, window insulation kits come in a few sizes and are very affordable. All you need is a sharp box cutter or a pair of scissors and a hair dryer to install them.

The kits feature a plastic shrink wrap that you apply directly to your windows. The film catches all the cold air coming in through the window on one side, and on the other, it repels the warm air leaving your apartment back into your living space. Install the film late in the fall and remove it in the early spring. You’ll be floored at how much cold air was coming into your apartment once you experience a winter protected with window insulation.

Throw Some Rugs Down

While rugs won’t have any impact on raising the temperature of your apartment, they are a low-cost way to feel warmer. When it’s cold, usually your hands and feet are the first parts of your body to feel it. By throwing down some cozy rugs in hallways, bathrooms, bedroom, or living rooms, you’ll be able to walk around the apartment warmly without having to wear three layers of socks. Getting a pair of comfy, warm slippers is a nice idea as well.

Wear Layers

When you go skiing, sledding, or ice skating, how do you dress? Head to toe in layers, right? The same can be done at home. Hopefully, you’re not walking around like the Michelin Man because you’re wearing four or more layers of clothes, but by dressing comfortably in layers, you’ll raise your internal body temperature, which will make you feel warmer in your otherwise cold apartment.

Blankets do wonders as well. Whether draped over furniture to add a bit of warmth or to snuggle underneath while you’re watching TV or reading your favorite winter novel, blankets can quickly make you resist the urge to bump up the thermostat. .

Need a New Apartment? Let Elevate Living Fuel Your Search

Staying warm in your apartment this winter doesn’t have to mean suffering a high heating bill. By letting the outside heat in, covering windows with insulation film, throwing some rugs down,and wearing layers you’ll be able to stay nice and warm without jacking up your heat.

Or, you could find an apartment where the heating is free! At Elevate Living, we have a number of listings where the heat is included in your rental price. How nice does that sound? If you’re looking for a new apartment to call home, contact us today and hear about our vacancies in your area.