So you’ve decided on a new apartment to call home, and it’s time to decorate your space. If you don’t already have a large collection of furniture or décor, you have the opportunity to mix and match items to put a personal touch on your new apartment.

Purchasing new furnishings is an investment for the future, so it’s important to choose items you will love for years to come. Learn new ideas for decorating your apartment to create a stylish and unique space.

Woven Baskets

If you’re looking for pieces of décor that are affordable and attractive, woven baskets will get the job done. These items are usually made from materials such as bamboo, pine, sea grass and other fibrous or pliable materials. These containers are the perfect place to install plants, store blankets or simply use as an accent piece in a room. Even better, they’re easy to carry and move into a new apartment.


One of the largest trends in interior design right now is bringing the outdoors inside. This is especially true in apartments, where residents rely on their indoor gardens to create a natural, beautiful environment. Terrariums are a unique take on indoor plant life, as they provide a maintenance-free, self-contained ecosystem. Half art piece and half natural habitat, glass terrarium containers can be molded into endless shapes for apartments of all sizes. Consider this maintenance-free piece of décor for your move. 

Bold Rugs

A rug lays the groundwork for the rest of a room’s interior design. It’s the perfect addition to a living room that needs something to anchor the space. Lay a rug below a glass coffee table so you always have a glimpse of its unique colors or patterns.

A simple rule to remember when looking for a living room rug is that bold is often better. This is a part of the room that defines the ambiance for everything else around it, so don’t hesitate to choose a distinctive style such as Persian, Kilim, Kazak or even cowhide for your apartment.

Gallery Wall

A blank wall is the perfect place for your very own art gallery. This means filling the wall with pictures, paintings and other art pieces that infuse your personality into a space.

While it might sound easy to create a gallery wall, it’s important to plan out exactly how you will lay it out before you start. For a clean look, create an array of pictures in a grid pattern, with the outside edges of the frames aligning perfectly. If you want to mix things up, you can place your artwork in a seemingly random arrangement, but the frame edges should still align for a sense of cohesion.

Start Decorating

Ready to bring your space together with eye-catching décor? Learn more about interior design choices in our blog post “6 Ways to Personalize Your Apartment or Rental Without Painting” to see how a few personal touches can change the feel of a room. Make your next apartment a place you can wait to come home to everyday.