Moving into a new apartment gives you the opportunity to change your lifestyle. If you have an unused room or an open nook, you might want to create the perfect place to unwind. Whether you refer to this area as your man cave, woman cave or recreation room, it's a spot that serves one purpose: to provide a space to pursue your passions. We're not talking about a halfhearted approach to watching the game, improving your pool skills or listening to music - if you're going to dedicate a space for fun, it's best to go all out. Whether you have a large or a small room, here's how to convert it into something special:

Add a Portable Bar

There's nothing quite like hosting a few good friends over drinks. It doesn't matter if you prefer wine, beer or non-alcoholic refreshments, because a bar brings people together no matter what's on tap. You can find portable bars with tabletop space that go perfect with a brand new set of bar stools. It's the perfect spot for anyone who wants to have a get together with their buddies in a laid-back environment at home. A bar is where you can tell you stories, store your drinks, and quench your thirst. Fill up a few glasses and get social at home with your very own bar.

Get Immersive Entertainment

The great thing about putting a large TV in your man cave is that you can use it for a wide variety of activities. Have a large collection of video games? A quality TV helps bring them to life and immerses you in interactive worlds. If you're a movie buff, your apartment's TV setup can make you feel like you're at the theater. Don't skimp on sound if you want to make the most of your experience - invest in some quality speakers or a surround sound system to give your action movies some extra impact. High fidelity audio is also perfect for sporting events, and makes you feel like you have front row tickets to every game.

Improve Your Skills

Whether you're playing doubles or one-on-one, a close game of pool can bring out your competitive spirit. Adding a pool table to your new apartment might not be the cheapest investment, but it's one you can make good use of every day. Get a home-table advantage by practicing difficult shots on your own time and you're sure to become a pool shark by your next get together. Looking for a cheaper option that's just as fun? Consider buying a dartboard for countless rounds of entertainment. It's priceless feeling to beat your friends on your home turf.

Enjoy Comfortable Seating

A man (or woman) cave just isn't complete without seating options you can lounge in for hours. After a long day at work, a recliner could be just what you need. Look for one with extra padding, so you can feel like you're sitting on a cloud and never want to get up. Even with your favorite chair, you're still going to need seating for any guests you invite over. Depending on the layout of your room, you might want to get a sensational couch to maximize your seating space. If you're going for more of a home theater setup, look for individual leather chairs to make your guest feel like they're VIPs at the latest movie's world premiere. One seating solution that everyone seems to love is a giant beanbag chair, like the kind Love Sac manufactures. Pair it with a warm blanket and you're all set for cozy nights.

A recreation room is one part of an apartment that's actually fun to design. You can make it entirely your own, with items that reflect your interests and personality. This room is the kind of place you can't wait to show off your friend - one people can't wait to spend time in. There are countless ways to infuse your passion into the place you live, and it's impossible to list them all here. The first step is finding an apartment you love, so choose your city to get started. We're sure you'll find a layout that makes leisure simple.