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    Whether you’ve lived in Nebraska for your entire life or you’re moving to the area, there’s plenty to appreciate about this great state. If you’re looking for an apartment in Nebraska, Elevate Living is just the partner you need. We make the stressful apartment-searching process quick and easy for residents with our unique digital tools and experienced and friendly staff.

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    Nebraska History

    Long before becoming a signature Great Plains state in the United States, Nebraska was home to various indigenous people for centuries. The western world first became aware of area of the 1690s when Spanish explorers established trade connections with local Apache tribes residing in Nebraska.

    Land rights to Nebraska switched hands a few times before becoming an official part of the United States after the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Nebraska was sparsely populated in the state’s early days, with the few settlements in existence serving as small trading posts and military forts. Nebraska did not experience much settlement before the Homestead Act in 1862, which gave citizens free land in exchange for settling west of the Mississippi.

    The population boom the Homestead Act created led to Nebraska being ratified as the 37th state of the United States in 1867. The population of Nebraska continued to rise in the late 19th century as the fertile prairie land was excellent for cattle grazing. The Union Pacific Railroad employed a great number of people in Nebraska as well, and their headquarters remains in Omaha today.

    Nebraska Today

    Nicknamed the Cornhusker State, Nebraska’s roots in rural-based agriculture carried through the 20th century and into today. Nebraska is a largely rural state, with 89% of it’s cities having fewer than 3,000 residents. There are hundreds of towns that possess fewer than 1,000 people -- in fact, the smallest incorporated town in America is Monowi, Nebraska, which boasts a population of a single person. The two largest towns in Nebraska are Omaha with about 450,000 people and Lincoln, the state’s capital, with about 280,000 people.

    Lincoln is home to the University of Nebraska, the state’s biggest school with just over 25,000 students. The team’s football team, the Huskers, are extremely popular and closely followed by the residents of Nebraska.

    Farming and ranching are still the biggest economic industries in Nebraska, but finance and insurance also employ a significant number of Nebraskans. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and Mutual of Omaha are the two most notable financial firms located in Nebraska. Following closely behind as major industries are healthcare, military and defense contracting, and transportation.

    Nebraska Climate and Geography

    There are two major climate zones in Nebraska. The eastern half of the state features a humid-continental climate and the western half a semi-arid climate. Throughout the state, snowfall is about the same with between 25-35 inches of snow falling each year. Thunderstorms are common in Nebraska as are tornadoes, as the state is located with the Tornado Alley region of the United States.

    The state’s eastern border is formed by the Missouri River. The other significant river in the state is the Platte River, which runs through the central portion of the state and feeds into the Missouri. The other states that border Nebraska are Colorado, Missouri, Wyoming, Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas. With a total area of 77,358 square miles, Nebraska is the 16th largest state in the United States.

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    Elevate Living takes the stress out of looking for a new home with innovative and convenient search options to provide you with apartment options based on your unique preferences. We’ll find you eco-friendly, professionally managed Nebraska apartments that provide you with easy online account management to handle rent, work orders, and more.

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