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    South Dakota

    Whether you’ve a native of South Dakota and have lived here your entire life or if you’re moving to the area, there’s plenty to love about living in South Dakota. If you’re looking for an apartment in South Dakota, Elevate Living is just the partner you need. We help residents find their new apartments by shouldering all the stressful, time-consuming elements that go into an apartment search. Our unique digital tools and experienced and friendly staff will help you find a number of apartment options that are perfect for your unique preferences.  


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    South Dakota History

    For centuries, various Native American tribes occupied the land that is today South Dakota. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Sioux Tribes migrated from the Mississippi River region to settle and live in South Dakota, becoming the dominant tribe in the area. One of the Sioux Tribes was named the Dakota, which is where the state’s name derives from.


    European contact with the land that would become South Dakota first occurred in the 1740s, as French explorers entered the region and claimed the land for France. Soon after in 1762, the region became part of the Spanish Empire. Activity in the area at that time was limited to fur trapping along the Missouri River and hunting expeditions in the mountains in the west of the state. In 1803 the United States acquired the area in the Louisiana Purchase. Shortly after, Lewis and Clark would visit during their famed expedition, and would establish the first settlement in South Dakota at Fort Pierre.


    In the early 19th century most of the people who lived in the area were fur trappers, but near the middle of the 19th century settlements increased rapidly along the eastern part of the state. Two of South Dakota’s largest cities today, Yankton and Sioux Falls, were both established in this period. In 1861 the Dakota Territory was established and consisted largely of the land that is today North and South Dakota.


    The western half of South Dakota saw its population boom when gold was discovered in 1874 in the Black Hills. The famed and still existing town of Deadwood was established shortly after near the Homestake Mine, which was the largest continuously operating gold mine in the United States until it ceased production in 2002. In 1889, President Benjamin Harrison split the Dakota Territory in two, and formally admitted South Dakota into the United States.


    After a period of significant economic depression caused by the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, South Dakota’s economy and population stabilized in the mid 20th century and continues to grow today.


    South Dakota Today

    Today South Dakota is one of the least populated states in the US, despite having the 17th largest land mass. Nicknamed the Mount Rushmore State, a majority of South Dakota’s population resides in the eastern half of the state, where the largest city of Sioux Falls is. About 25% of the state’s entire population lives in the Sioux Falls area.


    Agriculture is the largest industry in the state and contributes significantly to South Dakota’s overall economy. Tourism is another large industry in South Dakota, as the state is filled with state parks and historical monuments including two massive rock sculptures: Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial.


    Tourism and culture intersect in South Dakota when it comes to hunting and fishing. The state is famous for being a hotbed for both activities, drawing in thousands of visitors a year to take advantage of the excellent hunting and fishing conditions found in South Dakota. South Dakota has a great deal of land that isn’t populated by humans, giving way to a rich and expansive population of wildlife.


    The state’s culture also reflects its history, as American Indian and American Western museums, exhibits, parades, and populate the area today.  The state is home to three large American Indian reservations.


    South Dakota Climate and Geography

    South Dakota has a continental climate that features four distinct seasons. South Dakota weather is known for its wide range of temperature fluctuation, where it’s not uncommon to see snow fall and melt all in the same day. A severe demonstration of this occured in 1943, where the temperature went from 60 degrees to -5 degrees in the span of a single hour. This incredible temperature swing is the most dramatic ever recorded in the United States.


    South Dakota is largely flat and fertile in the eastern half of the state, and mountainous in the west where the Black Hills are located. The Missouri River runs through the middle of South Dakota, with a number of smaller rivers feeding into it. While the US census considers South Dakota as a part of the Midwest, the state climate and geography have a lot in common with the Great Plains region.


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